Before establishing the Working group on Vegetable some collection of vegetable seeds exist at the Department for Vegetable the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, Vegetable Center in Zagreb and Podravka in Koprivnica. Mainly it were seeds of old domestic or naturalized foreign varieties as a new selected domestic vegetable varieties used as basic material for seed crops or in breeding purpose. The activities on collecting and regeneration were carried out by above mentioned institutions.

After establishing of the Working group on Vegetable the first priority of preserving PGR on the vegetable was collecting, identification and regeneration of the most endangered autochthonic domestic vegetable ecopopulation and new created domestic varieties which seed is not commercialized. Each member of working group collected certain number of accessions. Accessions collected during the 2005 and 2006 were put in the joint collection field at College of Agriculture in KriĹževci 2007 where identification made. For most of them regeneration were made and the seed was prepared for long term storage.

Currently, these activities are supported by the National Program on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources as well as by SEEDNet (South East European Development Network on Plant Genetic Resources) program.

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