MAP accessions are held at ex situ maintenance facilities at the Department of Seed Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb (cold chamber 75 m3; medium-term seed storage at +4°C; seed samples in paper bags or glass jars). Regeneration of accessions is carried out at the Department of Seed Science and Technology in Zagreb and at the Institute of Adriatic Crops and Karst Reclamation in Split.

Fig1a Fig1b
Fig. 1. Regeneration of basil (Ocimum sp.) accessions

Since 1998, several multi-species and/or species-specific collecting missions have been carried out throughout Croatia. During collecting missions, the ecogeographical surveys have been conducted based on MAP multicrop collecting form and the seed samples have been collected. The characterization and evaluation of accessions is carried out during field trials in Zagreb and Split.

Fig2a Fig2b
Fig. 2. Dalmatian sage (Salvia officinalis L.)

Ongoing scientific research activities include the analyses of genetic variability using molecular markers on target species such as basils (Ocimum sp.), Dalmatian sage (Salvia officinalis L.), Dalmatian pyrethrum (Tanacetum cinerariifolium /Trev./ Schultz Bip.) and wild hops (Humulus lupulus L.).

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