The working group Industrial Plants is engaged in collecting seeds and maintaining an active collection of industrial plants. After being collected, the number of accessions of industrial plants is amplified in the experimental field of the Department of Field Crops, Forage and Grassland, Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb and experimental field "Tenja", Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences in Osijek. The collection of industrial plants includes samples of varieties deleted from the Variety List of the Republic of Croatia and accessions collected in the field by institutions involved in the work of the working group. The majority of collection is consisted of accessions of poppies, soybeans, rapeseed, oil pumpkin and potatoes. Potatoes are kept in vegetative form and are part of the field collection at the experimental field of the Department Field Crops, Forage and Grassland, Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb and on the farm. The assessment of agronomic properties of selected accessions is carried out through field experiments in Zagreb, Osijek and KriĹževci. After determination, processing, description and multiplication of accessions, the seeds are stored in Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food - Center for Seed and Seedlings, Osijek, for long-term storage. Members of the working group provide scientific and professional assistance to farmers as part of activities related to the conservation and sustainable management of plant genetic resources, primarily potatoes in the Lika region but also other species from the group of industrial plants.

Activities_1 Figure 1. Regeneration of oil pumpkin accessions (HRV041)

Activities_2 Figure 2. Differences in morphological properties of oil pumpkin accessions

Activities_3 Figure 3. Regeneration of poppy accessions (HRV041)

Activities_4 Figure 4. Storage of poppy seeds in the active collection (HRV041)

Activities_5 Figure 5. Regeneration of linseed accessions (HRV041)

Activities_6 Figure 6. Linseed