Safety duplication data

1 Accession number

This number serves as a unique identifier for accessions within a genebank collection, and is assigned when a sample is entered into the genebank collection.
Example: CGN00254

2 Accession species

Accession species

3 Common crop name

Name of the crop in colloquial language, preferably English.
Example: malting barley
Example: cauliflower

4 Accession name

Either a registered or other formal designation given to the accession. First letter uppercase. Multiple names separated with semicolon without space.
Example: Rheinische Vorgebirgstrauben;Emma;Avlon

5 Location of safety duplicates

FAO Institute Code of the institute where a safety duplicate of the accession is maintained. The codes consist of the 3-letter ISO 3166 country code of the country where the institute is located plus a number.

6 Number of seeds in the safety duplication sample

Number of seeds in the safety duplication sample. Integer value.

7 Weight (g) of seeds in the safety duplication sample

Weight (g) of seeds in the safety duplication sample. Positive number with maximum one decimal place.

8 Date of storage in the safety base collection

EURISCO format, YYYYMMDD. Missing data (MM or DD) should be indicated with hyphens.

9 Type of germplasm safety storage

If germplasm is maintained under different types of storage, multiple choices are allowed (separated by a semicolon).
10) Seed collection
11) Short term
12) Medium term
13) Long term
20) Field collection
30) In vitro collection (Slow growth)
40) Cryopreserved collection
99) Other (elaborate in REMARKS field)

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