Characterization data
FAO institute code
Accession number
Accession species
Zea mays L.
Accession name
Location of description
Year of description
4.1.1 A:veg: days to tasseling
4.1.2 A:veg: days to silking
4.1.3 A:veg: days to ear leaf senescence
4.1.4 A:veg: plant height (cm)
4.1.5 A:veg: ear height (cm)
4.1.7 A:veg: number of leaves above the uppermost ear including ear leaf
4.1.8 A:veg: tillering index
4.1.9 A:veg: stem colour
4.1.10 A:veg: root lodging
4.1.11 A:veg: stalk lodging
4.1.12 A:veg: sheath pubescence
4.1.13 A:veg: tassel type
4.2.1 A:ear: husk cover
4.2.2 A:ear: ear damage
4.2.3 A:ear: kernel row arrangement
4.2.4 A:ear: number of kernel rows
4.3.1 A:kernel: kernel type
4.3.2 A:kernel: kernel colour
4.3.3 A:kernel: 1000 kernel weight (g)
6.1.1 B:veg: total number of leaves per plant
6.1.2 B:veg: leaf length (cm)
6.1.3 B:veg: leaf width (cm)
6.1.4 B:veg: venation index
6.1.5 B:veg: leaf orientation
6.1.6 B:veg: presence of leaf ligule
6.1.8 B:veg: tassel length (cm)
6.1.9 B:veg: tassel peduncle length (cm)
6.1.10 B:veg: tassel branching space (cm)
6.1.11 B:veg: number of primary branches on tassel
6.1.12 B:veg: number of secondary branches on tassel
6.1.13 B:veg: number of tertiary branches on tassel
6.2.1 B:ear: prolificacy index
6.2.2 B:ear: ear length (cm)
6.2.3 B:ear: peduncle length (cm)
6.2.4 B:ear: ear diameter (cm)
6.2.5 B:ear: cob diameter (cm)
6.2.6 B:ear: rachis diameter (cm)
6.2.8 B:ear: number of kernels per row
6.2.9 B:ear: cob colour
6.2.10 B:ear: shape of uppermost ear
6.3.1 B:kernel: kernel length (mm)
6.3.2 B:kernel: kernel width (mm)
6.3.3 B:kernel: kernel thickness (mm)
6.3.4 B:kernel: shape of upper surface of kernel

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