Accessions of fodder crops are held ex situ at the facilities of the Dept. for Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biometrics at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture (medium-term seed storage at +4°C, seed samples in paper bags). Regeneration of accessions is carried out at the Dept. for Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biometrics in Zagreb, and at the Agricultural Institute in Osijek.

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Fig. 1. Regeneration of red clover and alfalfa accessions

Numerous collecting expeditions were organized since 2006. During 2007 and 2008 collecting expeditions were carried on mainly in north-western and eastern Croatia. In 2008 there were established collaborative activities with Croatian Extension Service in the region of Lika, Gorski Kotar and Kordun, as well as collaboration with the authorities of the National Park of Velebit. Further colecting expeditions will be organized as a part of these collaboratve activities during 2009. During the expeditions there have been conducted the ecogeographical surveys based on fodder crops collecting form, and seed samples collecting. Characterization and evaluation of accessions’s traits is carried out in field trials in Zagreb and Osijek.

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Fig. 2. Collecting expeditions

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